Learn Something New in 2017

Setting goals for the New Year is a great way to ring in 2017. So what can you learn this year in the Western North Carolina area? Learning something new can be anything from a foreign language to crafting, and there are plenty of opportunities in Asheville and the surrounding area. So, if you’ve been thinking spending your money on learning opportunities, there is no better time to check out what’s available this coming year in WNC.

  • Asheville Mushroom Club. Do you want to learn more about edible mushrooms? The Asheville Mushroom Club offers opportunities to forage for mushrooms commonly famc_cookbookound in our area. There is also information on ways to use the mushrooms for food and medicine. Monthly meetings will start up again in March of 2017, so consider a membership to this fascinating club.
  • Beer City Science Pub. If you’re looking for free, educational fun, check out the Asheville Museum of Science events Beer City Science Pub. Located at The Collider, a science focused co-working space on the 4th floor of the Wells Fargo building, the events are free and open to the public, but a small donation is welcome. Enjoy free beer and appetizers and learn something new. The first event after the New Year is “Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior.”
  • Cottage Cooking. Cooking classes are always fun for groups or a way to meet new people. Asheville’s premiere cooking events take place with Cottage Cooking, located in a 1915 cottage in downtown Asheville. The classes can help home cooks take their skill to the next level. There are plenty of great events happening in January including Gluten Free Tapas, a Tastsrccc-header-resourcese of Italy, and a Thai cuisine class.
  • Silver River Center for Chair Caning. If you want to be a part of Asheville history, consider learning a nearly forgotten art form with the Silver River Center for Chair Caning. You can learn how and why it is done, and how to do it for yourself. Sign up for classes or give a gift certificate to a friend. The center will be offering a special class to restore historic chairs from the Asheville area.
  • Caving and Bat Ecology with WNC Nature Center. If you’re looking for both education and adventure, then look no further than a new program with the WNC Nature Center. A fieldtrip to caves in Eastern Tennessee will give you a first-hand look at the ecology of bats. Sign up and get information about what to bring. Participants will be climbing and hiking, so good physical health is required.

What skill are you looking forward to learning in the New Year?

Do you want to become a part of the Western North Carolina community in 2017? Contact Team Browne to learn more!

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